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Aging in Place

Call it Aging in Place, or Universal Design, it means that the old ways of designing homes just don't work anymore. We all want more comfort in our homes. Opening doors with arms full of groceries is as difficult at 30 as it is at 70. People live longer than they used to. More of us are living with disabilities. The traditional home that serves you well when you are healthy won't always take care of you when you break a leg or hurt your back. Younger people want a home that will take care of them when they are sick or injured. People now realize that they need homes that will grow old with them. The 82 year old still wants to live in their own home. They just need a home that allows them to do that.

Watters Plumbing wants to help. From adding a simple grab bar to turning your tub into an easily accessible shower, we have the ideas, products, designers, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters to make your house a home you can live with. Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE.


There are many options today to make bathing not only easier, but safer, even if you prefer bathing over showering. Walk-in-tubs, tubs with transfer benches, tubs with outside controls. Let us show you your options.

Grab Bars

These handy devices provide safety for everyone, and are now available in various sizes, colors and styles to better match your décor. BUT REMEMBER to have them installed properly; without the proper installation, they could be dangerous.

Handheld Showers

Shower heads no longer have to be mounted out of reach. Handheld showers make it easier for bathing yourself, someone else, or even for cleaning the shower.


There is no need to continue to try and raise your leg over that tub wall. Tub-to-shower conversions are easier and less expensive than you may think.


Whether you’re weak in the knees or suffering with a bad back, we have toilets, modifications and accessories to make simply using a toilet easier.


Consider replacing your two-handle faucets with single-lever faucets. This makes it easier for everyone to turn the water on and off, and finding that perfect temperature will be a breeze. Want something even easier? Why not have a new touch faucet installed in your kitchen!


You may think kitchen sinks are all the same, but they’re not. By getting a sink that is not so deep, you will not stress your back so much from over bending.


Shower seats, tub and shower safety products, raised toilet seats and more. We have the items available to make your bathroom easier to use and safer!

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